मंगळवार, १२ जानेवारी, २०१०

किती तुझ्यावर

किती तुझ्यावर करते प्रिती
मला कळत नाही
कैसे गुंफ़ू प्रिया तुझ्याविन
गीत जुळत नाही..

तव शब्दांच्या चंद्र चांदण्या
येशी मनीच्या नभी शिंपण्या
तुझ्या वाचूनी काळोखी ही
रात ढळत नाही...

नयनांची या मिटून पापणी
उदास का तू स्वप्न-अंगणी
मनांस माझ्या घोर लागूनी
जीव जळत राही..

तुझ्या सयींचे हे हिंदोळे
भिजवून जाती माझे डोळे
उरांत माझ्या हेच सदैव
दु:ख सलत राही..

- प्राजु

2 प्रतिसाद:

R_Shilpa म्हणाले...

I am sorry to have to write to you here. But I need your help. I have seen you on misalpav.com and I have been wanting to register with misalpav.com. Have tried no. of times but all they do is send me a sign in and a password and tell that the approval is pending. Which unfortunately does not get approved even after writing to them, time and again. If you are in touch with them,is there any way you can help me here. I really want to join the community or is it that they are not accepting new members? Please help!! Thanks in advance and sorry to bother you.

Praaju म्हणाले...

I will ask them to allow you to login.

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